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Missy B. Salick


Foster Adoption: Open Letter

Hi Lovelies,

As far back as I could remember, I have always wrote down my everyday thoughts. Writing about my emotions came so easily to me. Whenever there is  something wrong, I turn to pen and paper for an outlet of expression. So naturally, when I went through the ordeal of fostering to adopt, my journal would become my BFF. It is so funny, because at one point I started addressing the letters to him. Call me crazy, but it was emotional therapy to be able to talk to someone without judgment or questions after question. To this day, writing open letters was the best emotion cleansing I have ever had.

Here is one of the letters from my journal.

Dear Baby Boy,

Today was a very exciting day. I just learned that I am coming to visit you in a couple of weeks for the fourth of July. My heart is pounding right now at the thought of even seeing you. I can’t believe it has been almost six months already. Countless phone calls and paperwork later, I will finally be able to see what you look like. I day dream about your features and if you look like your Mom or Dad, or a mixture of both. From what I’ve heard you are a happy and content baby. I’m sorry that you will have to be uprooted from the family you have grown to know and love. You will hate us I’m sure. We will be strangers who scooped you up through the night. 

On a brighter note, your room is almost complete. It’s painted a pretty blue, with furniture and all the toys you could wish for. I just need to get some more clothes, diapers and food. We had clothes but they were newborns sizes – thinking you would come home sooner. Your Uncle/Dad will not be able to make the trip with me, but he loves you and can’t wait to meet you. He is so angry at how long this process is taking. I already know he will make a great father. He is so patient and family oriented. Me on the other hand will need a lot of practice, so please bear with me. I’m super terrified of the whole feeding process. Luckily, I hear you are able to hold the bottle on your own and burp. LOL.

 If anyone asked me what I would be doing right now at this time in my life, I would never have guessed that I would be married. Especially married with taking in a baby at twenty four. It’s funny how life plays out. For the longest time I have walked through life chasing something that I felt was missing. I’ve had the feeling of a missing void. But since I’ve learned of you, the feeling has subsided. My life makes sense, as if something is pulling me towards you. Weird right…you will soon learn how weird I naturally am. 🙂

 I have to run out and do some errands. I love you and will write again soon!      



Have you ever written a letter during your foster adoption phase? If so, what was it about or if not, have you thought about it? Share your comments #adoptionmonth #openletters.


Missy B. Salick

PR: Author Reveals Myths About Foster Care Adoptions

Hi Everyone,

I am super excited to see my Press Release hit the circuits. Take a look and remember spread the word about National Adoption Month.

Join in on the fun and festivities by following us on Facebook and Twitter. #AdoptionMonth to get all your questions answered on foster adoption.


Missy B. Salick


November 4, 2013

Val Hardy
J. Val Management


Missy_pic_pressuse (1) (1) WEB_FINAL_COVER_

Author Missy B. Salick and her book, Claiming Jeremiah

New York, NY ( — As thousands of children wait with baited breath for the opportunity to make it into a home and hundreds of other prospecting parent’s dream of taking those children into their home, it’s the fables and false facts that quickly suffocate the dreams of many.

As National Adoption month approaches in November, Missy B. Salick will expose the red tape and unravel the mystery around foster care adoptions. In an awe-inspiring book, Claiming Jeremiah, Salick tells the story of how two young people preserved and maneuvered their way through the red tape in hopes to secure a baby boy. Salick dispels all of the myths and anxieties associated with bringing a child into foster care in the two hundred and eighty page novel. Salick’s fictional memoir on foster adoption is drawing a hefty buzz online.

The novel is small in size, but contains a powerful message: “Children in foster care need a place to call home.” Salick, a foster care advocate, wrote this book based on her personal journey of foster adopting her four-year-old son. Claiming Jeremiah is the first installment of a three part series.

About Missy B. Salick
Before self-publishing, Salick spent several years as a freelance writer with entertainment companies and media outlets such as KPMG, Violator, MBK, Village Voice and more. As the founder of J.J. Autumn Publishing, her publishing company is geared towards highlighting urban fiction dedicated to special causes and community awareness projects. Salick a strong foster care advocate, created iJournalNow Project, a program geared towards teaching underprivileged children the importance of goal planning, leadership skills and education through journaling.

To purchase Claiming Jeremiah or to interview Missy B. Salick about her tireless cause to educate others seeking to adopt foster children, contact Val Hardy at 202-207-7768.

For more information about Missy B. Salick, visit


Have a Productive Morning! 5 Things to do Before 9 AM


Jump start your day the right way Lovelies!

The sun is shining and it’s going to be a beautiful morning. Don’t you wish this positive attitude would carryover every day, you have to wake up wayyy to early? Unfortunately, it never does. Have you ever looked at the clock and wondered where the day went? How it is already close to pick up time for the kids or closing time at work and you haven’t accomplished anything you planned to do today?

Here are a few tips to help your days become more productive.

ExerciseEven though you will dread getting out of bed just to work out, you will feel much better afterwards. Here is the good part – you do not need to travel to the gym. If you are unable to give the thirty – sixty minutes for your cardio, its ok. Save the time for after work. Try waking up ten minutes before your alarm clock is set to go off and begin the day with stretching, a few push-ups and jogging in place. Google online for five to six minute quick warm up work outs. It will help wake your body up and prep you for the day.

Eat your BreakfastAnother common “to do” we often try to avoid in the early am. For us, a coffee is enough for the stomach and we’re making a quick dash for the door. With our time being so precious, having a full ?????????nutritious meal is next to impossible on a work day. However, so that our stomachs are satisfied enough to keep our bodies functioning properly, try eating a cereal bar, muffin, bagel, or anything that is quick to make and can be eaten on the go.

My To Do List (for the day)Download an app on your phone where you can quickly make note of all the things you need to do today. I use an app called Wunderlist which I love. It allows me to quickly jot down all my tasks, enter extra descriptions and deadlines (dates/times) within seconds. Planning out your day is the quickest way to get things done in an efficient manner, without overlooking anything.


Stop…the Last Minute RushThere are a lot of things we tend to do in the wee hour of the morning, that we could do at night. For example: picking out our work clothes, printing that document you need for a morning meeting, searching for the missing purse you want to wear tomorrow but can’t find. Quit putting things off for the next day and do it when you have the spare time at night. You will find yourself much more relaxed and calm when you have extra minutes to spare in the mornings.

Prepare yourselfMentally prepare yourself for the day you are about to face. Whether you are going to your dream job or your “make ends meet” job – you have to go. Prep yourself. This day is going to happen whether you enjoy it or not. So why spend your time fighting it and wishing the day was over. Embrace the day and the happenings to come and it can make a world of a difference.

Tips –

The night before:

When working a full time job there clearly is not enough time in the day, especially if you have children and/or other activities/ventures you’re working on. Here are a few things to do at night that will help cut down on your morning preparation.

  •  Pick out all outfits the night before
  • Prep your breakfast
  • Pack lunches

*Stayed tuned for the upcoming blog post about things to do once you get to work.


Missy B. Salick

Envision Your Future: Creating a Vision Board

Hi Lovelies,

Happy Thursday!! I am sorry I have been MIA for a while, however, my weeks are busier than ever. I have a lot of exciting new updates and projects to share with you all over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, today I would like to chat about creating a vision board.


What exactly is a Vision Board? 

A vision board is a collective group of pictures, words and images that you can paste onto a poster board. The first response is normally to clip out pictures of fancy cars, big homes, and other lavish items. While these items are fun to post, a vision board goes beyond luxury materialistic items.

A vision board is a mental tool to be used for reaching your dreams. A  vision board purpose, is to surround yourself daily with images and words of how you envision your life to be. Seeing this every day will push you harder to fulfill your dreams.


If you would like to shed a few pounds in essence of bettering your health, instead of posting a picture of a toned body, post an image of yourself smiling with the words healthy next to it. Your vision is to become HEALTHY. This is about becoming a better “you”, not becoming someone else.

If you would like to become your own boss – take a picture of you in your best suit or best attire in a fancy chair behind a big desk. Next to the picture, place the word ENTREPRENEUR.

I believe in using a lot your own personal photos for the vision board. Seeing yourself in your ideal situation makes it more believable and the dream “that” much closer within your grasp. If you see someone else on your vision board, you begin to wish it was you, instead of pushing harder for that to become you in the picture.

Word Visions




Grab those supplies:

Poster Board





Mini Journal

Pre-Vision Board Steps

You have all your supplies to begin your vision board. Before you begin cutting and pasting away, take a moment to think about what you would like out of your life. Do you want a bigger home, a positive outlook on life, an unforgettable experience, a better job, a vacation; whatever it is write it down first and then look for the best image/text to represent your dreams.  envision_logo

If you are able, it helps if you visit a park, beach, or to walk around your city or neighborhood. Open your eyes to what is around you and think about what you really would like your life to be like. ENVISION YOUR FUTURE

Vision Board Journal

After you have taken time to think about what you want and have cut out a million different text and images, it is time to paper clip. Grab your journal and paperclip your images and texts in the order you would like to see them happen. Over the next thirty days use this time to organize and rearrange your posts.

Vision Board

You’ve cut, paper clipped, cut and paper clipped some more and rearranged over and over, for the last four weeks. You have organized your dreams and creatively put them together. Now it is time to bring your vision board to life. Begin pasting your visions. The order of your visions on the board does not  really matter, as when you are complete, you will be looking at the full picture. However, it does help to give yourself timelines on accomplishments. Never give up on your visions. Even if it seems like it is taking longer than expected to accomplish. Leave two empty spaces on your vision board for new dreams.


*To make your vision board more creative, add themes. For example: New Years, Health & Wellness, Soul Searching, Financial Independence, etc.

* You can have more than one vision board at a time.

* Make your vision board more personable by writing on it, adding colors with markers, highlighters or paint.

* Hang your vision board some place you will see it often.


Missy B. Salick


Stepping Out: Are You A Risk Taker?

Happy Tuesday Lovelies,

Think long and hard before you answer this question and remember to be one hundred percent honest with yourself. Are you a risk taker? Are you willing to risk your comfortable (planned) lifestyle to follow your dreams? 

We often become so comfortable with doing our day-to-day activities, that we neglect the risk taker within us. Being comfortable and being a risk taker is what separates the employee from business owners. Business owners take risks – huge risks! There is nothing planned or scheduled when running your own business. Having a business means being ready for the unexpected turn of events that will occur. Are you ready for that, better yet can you handle it?

If someone came up to you in the middle of the day, right when you were wishing you were home instead of going to grab your “mid-day pick me upper” and said, I can put you on the path that will lead to independence, security, flexibility and a wealth of financial gain and knowledge.

However, before you get there you will run into some or all of the following road blocks:


  • Pain
  • Heartbreak
  • Deceit
  • Failure
  • Emotional Crisis
  • Fatigue
  • The risk of losing family or friends
  • Financial stress
  • Giving up when it becomes to stressful
  • Living the life of not doing what tomorrow will bring

Would you be willing to face these distractions to meet your destiny?

Happy Risk Taking, 


Missy B. Salick

Inspiration from Groups

By: Rachel Salvato

Inspiration can come from many sources. Inspiration should first come from you. Once you are inspired with a professional goal, it’s important to get inspiration from others. Here are some tips that I’ve used to find and keep and grow my circle of inspirational people:


Find the Right People. It is imperative to friend “like” people who share the same thirst for your professional goals. Find and follow digital communities- LinkedIn, of course, is the largest and is a great way to keep all your connections organized and informed. Meet people at industry events in your area, and be prepared with a professional look and business card. Most events are free so there is no reason not to take advantage of these opportunities. It’s scary at first, but I prefer to go alone, it gets me mingling and I can leave at anytime without anyone noticing. Marshable has several events listed every day.

images (1)Communicate. Now you have the connection, it’s important to correspond via e-mails, or social networks. Be the first one to reach out to them, and try to keep the line of communication open. Even if it feels one sided, who cares! I like to reach out to my connections at least every three months.


Don’t be afraid. Depending on the relationship one may be the “asker”, and the other the “answerer”. Don’t be afraid to be the “asker”- when starting out in your professional career. A great “answerer” has already been there and will be happy to assist, and one day (trust me this will happen) they will need to ask you for something, and you will be happy to answer.


RachicRachel Salvato is a freelance Marketing Consultant living in New York City. She specializes in developing social media strategies for brands. She spends time volunteering, spending time with friends and family, and exploring NYC. To inquire for business opportunities or to contact Rachel at:, or follow her on twitter @SalvatoSocial or her blog Salvato Social.