Hi, I’m Missy. Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. This is my “other” home away from home. Here I talk about everything from writing, to publishing, to my home life. This is my life, the entrepreneur, the mother, the business woman, employee, writer and friend. These are my thoughts, my rants and ramblings about anything and everything.

So what is this blog about exactly? Great question…but there is no direct answer. This blog is about life, hopes and dreams. I know, a very broad answer right? Okay, if you must have a better description. Writing has always and will always be my therapy. Through any obstacle, struggle or important time in my life, writing is how I manage and process the day. That is what this site is for – a place to release, relax and rejuvenate. A place to share my high’s and low’s. Hopefully more highs than lows. A place to inspire and motivate.  In life we always need that extra outside support and push. I hope to find and give that here. I plan to share my story of mistakes and my successes, so that everyone here can become one step closer to their dream with me. 

Thanks for stopping by.

xoxo Missy B. Salick 


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