30 Days Of Giving

Giving back to your community or those around you may seem like something someone else will do or far out of your reach. The truth is that someone needs to be you. Donating your time is 100% free, and the memories and relations you build will last you a lifetime. The holidays are a great way to raise awareness to charities and “doing good” which can translate to giving back year round and transform you and your community.

I am giving tips and ideas all month long as part of my 30 Days Of Giving mission. So get your friends, family, pets and everyone around you involved and join my mission of #30DaysOfGiving my using the hash-tag all month of December!

Follow me on Twitter to track the #30DaysOfGiving mission: twitter.com/MeetMissy24

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

1. Buy new toys and bring to your local adoption agencies or foster care homes. These kids may not have a gift on Christmas morning.

2. Donate old clothes to a #neighbor or shelter closest to you. Find a local one here: http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org

BalGbBhCEAA6b4X3. Buy extra can food the next time you are at the grocery store and bring to a local church or homeless shelter.

4. Assist an elderly or handicap person crossing the street or up the stairs; also check in on them if there is a large snow storm!

5. Feed stray cats or other animals in your area.

6. Donate books that you or your children read already to a local library or school.Donatebooks

7. Teach someone how to use the internet, e-mail, etc. This will help them connect for years to come.

8. Attend and support a local festival or other events in your community.  This will give funds back directly to your community.

9. Walk or run in a charity race. You will be improving yourself while promoting a great cause of your choice.

10. Create a “pre-teen” mini cosmetic kit, and give to a church to distribute to young girls. The kits could have fun scarves, hats, accessories, belts, jewelry and makeup!

Happy giving!!


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