Have a Productive Morning! 5 Things to do Before 9 AM


Jump start your day the right way Lovelies!

The sun is shining and it’s going to be a beautiful morning. Don’t you wish this positive attitude would carryover every day, you have to wake up wayyy to early? Unfortunately, it never does. Have you ever looked at the clock and wondered where the day went? How it is already close to pick up time for the kids or closing time at work and you haven’t accomplished anything you planned to do today?

Here are a few tips to help your days become more productive.

ExerciseEven though you will dread getting out of bed just to work out, you will feel much better afterwards. Here is the good part – you do not need to travel to the gym. If you are unable to give the thirty – sixty minutes for your cardio, its ok. Save the time for after work. Try waking up ten minutes before your alarm clock is set to go off and begin the day with stretching, a few push-ups and jogging in place. Google online for five to six minute quick warm up work outs. It will help wake your body up and prep you for the day.

Eat your BreakfastAnother common “to do” we often try to avoid in the early am. For us, a coffee is enough for the stomach and we’re making a quick dash for the door. With our time being so precious, having a full ?????????nutritious meal is next to impossible on a work day. However, so that our stomachs are satisfied enough to keep our bodies functioning properly, try eating a cereal bar, muffin, bagel, or anything that is quick to make and can be eaten on the go.

My To Do List (for the day)Download an app on your phone where you can quickly make note of all the things you need to do today. I use an app called Wunderlist which I love. It allows me to quickly jot down all my tasks, enter extra descriptions and deadlines (dates/times) within seconds. Planning out your day is the quickest way to get things done in an efficient manner, without overlooking anything.


Stop…the Last Minute RushThere are a lot of things we tend to do in the wee hour of the morning, that we could do at night. For example: picking out our work clothes, printing that document you need for a morning meeting, searching for the missing purse you want to wear tomorrow but can’t find. Quit putting things off for the next day and do it when you have the spare time at night. You will find yourself much more relaxed and calm when you have extra minutes to spare in the mornings.

Prepare yourselfMentally prepare yourself for the day you are about to face. Whether you are going to your dream job or your “make ends meet” job – you have to go. Prep yourself. This day is going to happen whether you enjoy it or not. So why spend your time fighting it and wishing the day was over. Embrace the day and the happenings to come and it can make a world of a difference.

Tips –

The night before:

When working a full time job there clearly is not enough time in the day, especially if you have children and/or other activities/ventures you’re working on. Here are a few things to do at night that will help cut down on your morning preparation.

  •  Pick out all outfits the night before
  • Prep your breakfast
  • Pack lunches

*Stayed tuned for the upcoming blog post about things to do once you get to work.


Missy B. Salick


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