Envision Your Future: Creating a Vision Board

Hi Lovelies,

Happy Thursday!! I am sorry I have been MIA for a while, however, my weeks are busier than ever. I have a lot of exciting new updates and projects to share with you all over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, today I would like to chat about creating a vision board.


What exactly is a Vision Board? 

A vision board is a collective group of pictures, words and images that you can paste onto a poster board. The first response is normally to clip out pictures of fancy cars, big homes, and other lavish items. While these items are fun to post, a vision board goes beyond luxury materialistic items.

A vision board is a mental tool to be used for reaching your dreams. A  vision board purpose, is to surround yourself daily with images and words of how you envision your life to be. Seeing this every day will push you harder to fulfill your dreams.


If you would like to shed a few pounds in essence of bettering your health, instead of posting a picture of a toned body, post an image of yourself smiling with the words healthy next to it. Your vision is to become HEALTHY. This is about becoming a better “you”, not becoming someone else.

If you would like to become your own boss – take a picture of you in your best suit or best attire in a fancy chair behind a big desk. Next to the picture, place the word ENTREPRENEUR.

I believe in using a lot your own personal photos for the vision board. Seeing yourself in your ideal situation makes it more believable and the dream “that” much closer within your grasp. If you see someone else on your vision board, you begin to wish it was you, instead of pushing harder for that to become you in the picture.

Word Visions




Grab those supplies:

Poster Board





Mini Journal

Pre-Vision Board Steps

You have all your supplies to begin your vision board. Before you begin cutting and pasting away, take a moment to think about what you would like out of your life. Do you want a bigger home, a positive outlook on life, an unforgettable experience, a better job, a vacation; whatever it is write it down first and then look for the best image/text to represent your dreams.  envision_logo

If you are able, it helps if you visit a park, beach, or to walk around your city or neighborhood. Open your eyes to what is around you and think about what you really would like your life to be like. ENVISION YOUR FUTURE

Vision Board Journal

After you have taken time to think about what you want and have cut out a million different text and images, it is time to paper clip. Grab your journal and paperclip your images and texts in the order you would like to see them happen. Over the next thirty days use this time to organize and rearrange your posts.

Vision Board

You’ve cut, paper clipped, cut and paper clipped some more and rearranged over and over, for the last four weeks. You have organized your dreams and creatively put them together. Now it is time to bring your vision board to life. Begin pasting your visions. The order of your visions on the board does not  really matter, as when you are complete, you will be looking at the full picture. However, it does help to give yourself timelines on accomplishments. Never give up on your visions. Even if it seems like it is taking longer than expected to accomplish. Leave two empty spaces on your vision board for new dreams.


*To make your vision board more creative, add themes. For example: New Years, Health & Wellness, Soul Searching, Financial Independence, etc.

* You can have more than one vision board at a time.

* Make your vision board more personable by writing on it, adding colors with markers, highlighters or paint.

* Hang your vision board some place you will see it often.


Missy B. Salick



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