Fall Cleaning for Writers

Happy Thursday Friends,

The weather is cooling down and the days are already beginning to feel much longer and dragged out than they should. In a few weeks it will be Autumn and a perfect time to do some seasonal cleaning. Outside of the obvious – trading in our summer clothes for fall/winter and changing our decorative blankets to a thicker comforter; we also need to clean our writing space. No matter how big or small your writing work-space is, it should be organized and effective. This will help maximize your creative thinking.


Here are a few tips for getting started: 

  • Hard-drive/USB Cleaning – move or delete any unnecessary files you do not need to clear up some memory space. You can also look into Google Drive and Drop Box for saving files online. By going virtual your files will be available online at anytime and you will always have fast access.
  • Wipe Down – Grab some cleaning supplies and disinfect your area. Depending on how busy you are, there could be a chance that something is hiding beneath the mountains of papers, books and other things lurking on your desk from the past few months.
  • Organizing your space – After your space is smelling good, its time to get rid of all the unwanted things you do not need. For the items you do need, file them neatly away in file cabinets, book shelves and any other organizational space savers you have. By having your desk neat and organized you can spend less time rambling around and more time writing.
  • Arm’s Reach – Your pens, pencil, phone, paper, printer and computer, should all be within an arms reach of you. You should not have to search or walk to get these items. These are things you are sure to use throughout the day on a daily basis.  OfficeSpace
  • Reorganizing your calendar and goals – Once your desk and working area is complete, begin to look at your calender and goals for the next 3-4 months. Check off what you have accomplished and what you still need to complete. Set short term and long term goals. If you have completed everything, set new goals.
  • Creating a Zen – Consider spicing your space up for the fall by adding new curtains, candles, pillows; whatever floats your boat and gives you a great comfortable feeling for when you are writing.

Happy Fall Cleaning!


Missy B. Salick 


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