Health Sunday: Are You Overworked? 10 Signs That May Say You Are

Happy Sunday Friends,

We are coming into a new week, new tasks, new goals, new stress. Do you feel over worked? Are you feeling tired and anxious all the time? Do you feel burnt out before the day even begins? If so, you could be over worked and experiencing a mental breakdown. Meaning – your brain and body is physically exhausted and in-need of proper rest.


Here are ten signs that you may be burnt out: 

  1. Your normal thirty to sixty minute work out you use to blow off steam only makes you feel worst.
  2. If you drink coffee right before bed or in the morning for a “pick me up” you still feel exhausted.
  3. Even though you have given up spicy foods and most caffeine your acid reflux has gotten worst.
  4. You lack any motivation and could care less about anyone or anything.
  5. You begin to ignore projects with draining deadlines and push them off for last minute.
  6. Your computer has ten windows open at any given time and you catch yourself asking “what was I working on”?
  7. You find yourself calling out sick more and more or dreading to go into the office.
  8. You are over or under eating.
  9. You’ve increased your caffeine intake just to get a buzz that will get you throughout the day.
  10. Nothing works. You are tired all the time. Even with eight to ten hours of sleep you are exhausted.

How many of these signs do you have? Even if you have just one, it may be time to unplug yourself from the world for a minute. Take some time to clear your head. Ideally, a vacation would be the perfect solution. However, I know some of us cannot afford to pack our bags and whisk ourselves off to Hawaii. In that case, try going to a relative house (or hotel) for a few days (2-3) where you can unwind and won’t be disturbed. Turn off all electronics and allow yourself some time to rest.unplugg Schedule as much “me time” as possible. Participate in Yoga, running or cardio classes. Go see that movie you have always wanted to see. Purchase that dress or suit you have been eyeing. Visit a museum, learn to paint or knit. Do whatever you can do, that will distract your mind, to not think about the million tasks you left mind.

When you finally do return, organize and prioritize what needs to get done. If you are overworked, due to your boss giving you too much to do, have a chat with him. Explain to him you cannot continue like this. On your first day back to work, it should feel as if it were your first day of employment. You should be thinking clearly, be rejuvenated, and ready to be productive.

Happy Unplugging,




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