Planning a Virtual Book Tour

Happy Wednesday Friends,

We’ve made it half way through the week. Yippie! I am super excited to be in the production stages of planning my Fall/Winter Virtual Book Tour. Did you know between the months of September to December, is when book sales take a major boost? When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The weather is cooling down and more people are staying inside or slowing down from all the summer activities. Then of course, you have the holidays approaching and individuals are looking for gifts and inexpensive “thank you for working hard (slaving) this year type gifts”.

Do not put this off. Begin planning today to ensure your spot(s). Virtual Book tour hosts fill up just as quickly. Here are a few tips I learned to help you plan your virtual book tour:

Planning your Tour

Yes, you can plan your own virtual book tour, but do you want to? Being a first time self-published author, you will not exactly get a lot of WEB_FINAL_COVER_bloggers lined up to host you. Being honest people. You will have to send out hundreds of invitations to bloggers requesting them to sign you up. Unless you have a lot of patience and is okay with rejection, save yourself the hassle. Allow, someone else to deal with it. For less than sixty bucks you can pay for someone to set up your full tour. These hosts already have a laundry list of bloggers they work with on a daily basis that will endorse people they send their way. Research companies that plan virtual book tours and check out their target audience. That is one thing you do not want to do. Pay for a service that do not cater to your book demographic.


How long should your tour last? General tours last around two to three weeks. Me personally, I am maximizing my exposure and planning for a four month long tour. Of course, with different bloggers and hosts. Being as though in the “book world” this is busy season. I would suggest that you try and do at least once tour (two weeks) per month from September to December. Even if you find that the tours are not financially beneficial (upfront), because you are not seeing a large increase in sales, don’t panic. Be mindful that with two week tours you are appearing at a different blog for fourteen days. On average, a blogger has a minimum of fifty views per day. So while, your bank account isn’t growing bigger your exposure is. Your consumers will see you everywhere and that is what you want.

Tell the world…

After you booked your tour dates, it is time to tell any and everyone who will listen. This is when you maximize your social media platform. Let your followers know of your upcoming stops. Even think of cool branding ideas of how they can be a part of the tour. Hash tag your your name or book name with tour at the end (i.e., #missybsalickontour #claimingjeremiahontour). Or something cute and fun that people will remember and can easily find. You can even do giveaways along the way for people who are participating in the fun. Do not overload them with information. Remember no one wants a flooded timeline. Keep it simple.

On Tour

Get super excited. You are going on tour. You are ready to share your book with the world. It’s time to pack. Yes, pack. Even though you don’t have to leave your living room or pack fancy outfits, there are still some things you need to have with you. You will need your tour agenda, copies of your book that you need to mail off to host for reviews, giveaway gifts for your wonderful hosts and plenty of wine. On tour, most hosts will email you questions in advance for you to answer before your scheduled appearance. This is where the wine will come suitcase2in. You will need something to keep you awake and alert while answering endless questions. So, grab your suitcase just as you were going on tour and pack your things. I usually put my suitcase in a corner- it really helps with keeping you organized for on tour.

P.S. Check our Xpresso Book Tours for a sample site

Happy Touring,


Missy B. Salick


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