Social Media 101

By: Rachel Salvato


Over 12 million American’s are using social sites multiple times a day. It is beyond critical for your business to have a presence and make a statement. With so many social media sites in use, and more and more popping up each day, it’s hard to figure out what are the best sites for your brand or business to be on. Here is an overview on the most popular social sites.

  • Facebook is the flagship of social networking service, and a MUST for brands/businesses.
    • Make sure you build a business or fan page, NOT a personal page
    • Add pictures, a short bio/about section,  and website links immediately
    • “Like” other pages that relate to you and actively comment on them
  • Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service and an easy way to reach a broad audience.
    • Add pictures, website links to your profile
    • Engage by Replying, Retweeting, Favoriteing, and using Hashtags to get others to notice you!
  • LinkedIn is a social networking website for people or businesses in professional occupations, basically a professional version of Facebook.
    • Build a profile for yourself and add as much information as possible  
    • Build a page for your business/brand and encourage teammates to link their profiles
  • Pintrest is a pin-board-style photo sharing site.
    • If your brand/business is more visual build a page and add boards
    • Update with product pictures/info and share on your other sites
  • Instagram is photo sharing that allows editing of pictures and sharing them over several social networks.
    • Link this to your twitter/Facebook/Pintrest pages
    • Add more personal fun pictures here but keep it CLEAN!
    • Easily edit your pictures for a crafty and professional look
  • Google+ is a multilingual social networking and identity service that gives your brand/business a higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
    • Google favors users who have a Google+ profile- so this is a MUST
    • Create professional hangouts with customers which will give you a face to face prospective of your customers/fan base
  • Blogs are discussion or informal site consisting of separate entries.
    • Combine text, images and links in an informal feed focusing on one specific topic
    • Link your sites to share your posts across all your social platforms
    • Blogs are the best way to get what you really want to say out there!

Content is EVERYTHING, so in addition to being on these social sites, you have to update them actively with creative and engaging content. Explore what sites suite you best. Don’t rush into it, it’s better to be active on a few sites, then not active on several sites. As your brand/business grows, so can your social circle.

About the Author: 


Rachel Salvato is a freelance Marketing Consultant living in New York City. She specializes in developing social media strategies for brands. She spends time volunteering , spending time with friends and family, and exploring NYC. To inquire for business opportunities or to contact Rachel at:, or follow her on twitter @SalvatoSocial or her blog Salvato Social.


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