How to have a Perfect Picnic Date

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Having a date these days has become super expensive, especially if you have children. I mean who wants to spend an extra $40-$50 bucks on top of an entertainment bill. So, I have been looking at inexpensive ways to still have dates and can even bring the children along. A good ole fashion picnic is a great route to go. The weather is beautiful, you’re outside and best of all its FREE!


Here are some great tips on how to make your picnic date amazing. 

What to wear: Ladies just like any other date making sure you have a cute outfit is a must. I suggest dressing comfortable but stylish. A flattering dress or shorts and halter top. For shoes keep it simple and comfy, after all you are going to be walking in a lot of grass. If you are going during sun peak hours, you may want to bring a hat and sunglasses to keep from getting annoyed with the brightness.

What to pack: Food, Snacks and more Food. I personally am not a cooker, so the majority of my food will be bought or finger foods, such as: sandwiches, fruit, carrots, graham crackers, crackers and cheese and wine. For my lovelies who do cook, try not to over cook and bring to much. After all its a picnic not a dinner party. Keep it fast and simple: chicken, a light salad or pasta salad. Always be careful and remember food safety when bringing foods that require refrigeration. Make sure to pack your goodies in containers, coolers and/or picnic basket.

Entertainment: After you have eaten and chatted for about thirty minutes you may find yourself in the “now what phase”. Just in case you do, bring entertainment for you and your date. Games, music, books, magazines, cards – whatever floats your boat. This is usually the time I break out the wine and a good card game.

Keep it Clean: Bring wipes, hand sanitizer, a blanket, small garbage bags and Ziploc bags for any leftovers.

Location: That is the great thing about picnic dates they can be done almost anywhere. Since you want the same feel as you would any other date, try to go somewhere that isn’t too crowded. You still want your space and peace(somewhat). Outside of local parks, great picnic hot spots are beaches, airports, camp grounds or some place in your area that has a fantastic view.


For my singles – you can treat yourself to a nice picnic date with just you. Make sure to bring a book or magazine.

For my couples w/children – Bring plenty of entertainment and snacks for the kiddies. If they enjoy games and TV, bring your iPad or computer and download their favorite show or movie. You can also try and go around their nap time. Being outside with a nice breeze under a tree will be a different environment for them. Let them burn off some energy for twenty minutes, eat and I’m sure they will pass right out under the tree.  Allowing you and your date some alone time. 

Happy Picnic Date,


Missy B. Salick


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