iJournalNow Presents iWrite Parties

Hi Everyone,

We are one day closer to the weekend. I don’t know about you all, but I have had enough of this heat. Every time I step outside its like stepping into a preheat oven.

I am so excited to share this news with you all today. iJournalNow is launching our very own iWrite Parties. iWrite Parties are a new chapter rollout for iJournalNow. Everyone loves a good party. So, we have decided to mix partying and learning together. Instead of just bringing journal packets for drop-offs, we will be bringing cupcakes/cookies and balloons to create a fun and engaging learning environment. I cannot wait to host the first one.

If you are interested in signing your organization up or to host an iWrite Party yourself, email us at ijournalnow@gmail.com for more information.

*iJournalNow is an outreach program that provides children in need, with journal packets and informative workshops. Our journal packets and workshops are geared toward increasing the knowledge of creativity, leadership, and goal-reaching for children in care. While children residing in government facilities are those we have specifically designed this project for, we welcome children from all backgrounds to participate in the journal-writing movement. 
Missy B. Salick

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