Lit Help Tuesday’s: Writing Your Novel with a Full-Time Job

Yes, you can write a novel with a full time job. Times are changing. With cell phones, tablets, iPad, laptops, and a good old fashion pen and paper you have the luxury to write anywhere. Work, train, park, anywhere! If I was able to do it with a full-time job, hubby, two kids under five and countless projects – YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Stop making excuses and WRITE. Change begins with you first. I understand that only you knows your schedule and how much or little you have going on throughout the day. However, with 24 hours in one day the question becomes how bad do you want it. “Quickie Writes” are great for individuals looking to get their feet wet in the writing world, but think they are too busy to begin.
Quickie Writes
15 minutes early morning before the kids rise and you head to work
15 minutes of writing on your lunch break
10-15 minutes at the park while watching your kids play
30-60 minutes after kids bed time
*Cut your social media time in half and write the other half. 
The minutes add up as will the pages. Quickie writes are great for creating 5-Write-and-set-aside-time-to-write-240x300concepts, chapter outlines and characters. Once a week set aside an hour or two in the evenings to do your actual writing. After awhile it gets annoying to keep stop and writing during your quickie times. As time progresses you will find yourself being able to write anywhere and write more often.
Tip: Often times when you are writing for the first time its distracting to write at home. Take your writing outside. Writing in unfamiliar settings helps with the creativity.  
Happy Writing and email me at with any questions you may have.
Missy B. Salick

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