Healthy Sunday

Here is to the upcoming long six days ahead of us – may everyone have a successful and productive week. Cheers!


Use these six affirmations to get you through the week.

Monday – Today is a new week therefore a new beginning! I will set and accomplish my weekly goals.

Tuesday – Today is so…so… but I will continue to be productive.

Wednesday – I embrace this day with open arms. I am that much closer to completing my goals.

Thursday – I am tired but the end is near. I have a master plan and can see the light.

Friday – Happy Friday! I have won. I have devoted my time and energy to becoming a better me and for that,  I can see the pay off.

Saturday – Enjoy the beautiful summer day and reap the winnings of a successful week.

Tip: If you are feeling stressed walk away and smile. A smile is the quickest way to bring happiness into a stressful situation.  So, show me those teeth!


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