Happy Friday!

Don’t we all just love these summer Friday’s. It’s the perfect weather for ice-cream, hot-dogs, beaches, water parks and loads of outdoor activities. Around every New York city block, you never know who or what you will run into. There is always something going on, especially on a Friday night and weekend.
Here are five fun activities to check out if you are in the New York area. If not, check to see if they are in your hometown.
b63da4bdd0d6ab0d08fa90ecd7710d0d945ab573c0ce7aab598cb32d52c5baf91. Archery Lessons – $24.00 
Archery lessons; this is a great random activity to do just because its available for a low cost and you can add it to your list of out-of-box activities.
Magic + Water, this is a child’s dream day. When I first saw this I immediately bought my tickets to take my kids. A magic cruise for kids is the perfect Saturday outing. It’s three blissful hours of entertainment and when your child gets bored, you can escort them outside to take in the city views.
3. Paint Night Social – $35
If you ever feel the pressure and stress of work and city life, this is a great “in-the city getaway”. You meet up at a local bar, drink wine and learn to paint. For two-hours you enjoy the wine, art and great company. You also get to discover those hidden bar gems that you never knew about.
Art, Wine and Food you have my vote! Three things you can never say no too. Especially for this price.
After consuming the hot dogs, funnel cakes, BBQ food and more, its great to work it off one Sundayduring a bike ride tour through Central Park. Explore the beauties of NYC.
Don’t forget to share pics with us. Hashtag #summerfridays

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