Journal 101

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Journal writing in adulthood is a great way to help become a better and improved you.
Adulthood journaling helps with:
Relieving Stress
Enhancing the chances of finishing your goals
Emotional and Mental Peace
Discovering your self
Learning your weakness and to overcome
Creating a safe haven
These are just a few ways journaling can play a major role in your life. Grab a pen and paper and step into the world of journaling. Journal writing is meant to be relaxing, never feel pressured to write.
What will your first entry be? 
*Tip: A great starting point for journal writing is to answer the following ten questions 100% honestly. (yes, you would be surprised by people that lie about this stuff when its spoken out loud) And remember your journal is for your EYES only!
Your name:journal-yogis
Favorite color:
Favorite book:
Favorite movie:
Current/Ideal Weight:
Current Job/Ideal Job:
Marital Status:
Short Term Goal:
Long Term Goal:

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