My Circle of Five


I heard the other day at a Shecky’s event I attended that men sometimes cheat because if they have five single friends three out of the five are cheaters this will lead the man to stray. You are what your friends are. It will be damn near impossible not to cheat if all or more than half of your close friends are cheaters, because they are part of your daily influence and atmosphere. You are certain to pick up one of their habits. You are a reflection of your friends. Of course, I had heard this before, and so do we believe this is true? I believe it holds some truth. After this event I started evaluating my circle of top five friends and what their character traits are.

My hubby

My hubby

Hands down, my hubs is my ultimate best friend. I can tell him anything and everything and even though he will criticize me like a New York Times film critic, at the end of the day he will still love and support me through it all. Through his verbal assaults, he motivates me to do better, push harder, and push myself to the finish line. Without him, my book would probably still be sitting on my hard drive and I would probably be giving myself excuse after excuse as to why it was not ready to be published. Certain days I have to remind him that everyone is not as fortunate as he is to be blessed with multiple talents. Not only is he a chef, but he’s also a general contractor, electrician, and landscaper. I mean seriously, good with his hands is an understatement. While he has one business underway, I am still pushing him to open that restaurant.


My Hubs cooks me amazing meals– follow me on Instagram to see more!



Next, my BFF Nae. She has been my ride-or-die since we were two spoiled rebel teenagers giving our mothers complete hell, because we wanted to go to each other’s houses and spend the night. If you knew us you would think there was some weird chemistry that connects us because of our similar life experiences. Even though we are two years apart in age, we were both born in September only a few days apart from each other. We both have two children, are married, and it’s best to believe that if one of us has some drastic issue, a few weeks or months later the other will have the same problem. Our bond is so close that we share everything. I love her to death and she is my biggest fan; however, I always have to yell at her for wasting her talent. Like me, she sits at a desk all day instead of being the fashion designer or stylist that she was born to be.

Here is a few of her designs:


My Nessa boo. She is my out-of-the-box, crazy-as–I-am, punk rock

image (1) BFF. She, too, I have known since my teenage years. With her I can share all my crazy and insane ideas, plans for the future, goals, and aspirations. No matter how insane they may seem and how many times she tells me, “I’m not messing with you Missy,” in the end she will ask how she can help. She is moving back from Cali to New York this summer to pursue her dreams of becoming a film producer and I cannot wait. We are going to turn the city upside down this summer. She and I together are like Thelma & Louise, trouble just follows us. It doesn’t help, either, that we share a weird bond—wherever we go, people assume we are together or involved in some weird relationship.

For me, it is a top three. However, over the past few weeks I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people that have made an impact on my life.

The Pajama Program partnership with my iJournalNow program has been nothing but amazing. They opened their doors to me for the opportunity to spread the journal-writing movement to children and teenagers. Through this collaboration I met a wonderful woman named Amye Rose Hill. Amye is a talented artist and children’s book author who has written and published over seventy books. Like me, Amye decided to self-publish and in doing so she is donating a portion of her proceeds to the Pajama Program’s new reading center.

Dr. S.L. Jones is an amazing woman on fire.  She is not only a motivational speaker and life coach, but she also runs an anti-bullying program for young girls.Dr. S.L. Jones

I cannot wait to see what other wonderful life-changing people I will meet in the future. After evaluating my circle, I realize that each of my best friends has the same great quality of being supportive, brutally honest, respectful, and loyal. We all push each other to become what we were born to be. However, we all share the same disadvantage of procrastination. I guess it is true—you are what your friends are. TRUTH!

Who is in your top five, and who will you invite in?


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