My Summer Movie List


As much as I am a complete book junkie, I am also addicted to movies. I rarely watch television shows but when I do, and it happens to be a good show, I become completely obsessed. Storage Wars: California, Pawn Stars, and Royal Pains are currently on my DVR at the moment. I know . . . I know . . . not the most entertaining shows for a young twenty-eight-year-old, right? I can admit it—I am one hundred percent totally weird and the most unordinary stuff entertains me.

Here are some summer movies I do plan to check out.


Star Trek: Into Darkness

I saw the first one and it was okay, so I might as well check out the second.


Fast & Furious 6:

SEEN IT: In normal wifey fashion I choose to support my “Hollywood hubs” (Vin Diesel), no laughter please, and go see this movie. We all know that after the first, second, and even third one you begin to get the point and realize there is no story line and the movie is clearly just about seeing the handsome men and action. Men + Action = summer blockbuster for the ladies. I honestly can’t tell you the purpose of the movie, but it was action-packed and full of sexiness. And yes, I will be supporting him again for Fast & Furious 7J.


After Earth

Okay, so I know you’re wondering if I will be going to see this with my four-year-old. The thought had crossed my mind and I decided, NOT! He will probably enjoy the first thirty, forty minutes and then become a distraction. And I really want to see this movie, way more than he does. I’m a wayyyy bigger kid.


Man of Steel

I have never been a huge Superman fan. I’ve watched a couple of the earlier versions (both films and television series) with Dean Cain and may I say this—I cannot be the only one who has wondered what the hell these people were thinking. Did they honestly not know that Clark and Superman was the same man? I mean really. He just didn’t wear the glasses. Anyway, this one actually looks like it may hold my attention. So I’m down to go see it.


World War Z

This is one of those movies that look absolutely awesome from the trailer. It will probably bore you the first twenty minutes while they lead up to the dramatic scenes of the Zombie apocalypse, but I’m sure the ladies will enjoy watching Brad Pitt save the world.



What are you watching this summer?


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