Literary Consulting

I have added a NEW task to my resume- Literary Consulting.  Since I self-published Claiming Jeremiah many people have asked me how I did it. What does the process of going about writing and getting a book self-published entail? How much does it cost? How did I do this or how did I do that? Well, everyone knows me, knows that I believe in sharing the secrets to success and making sure everyone gets to the top. I am not here to mislead or misguide you into believing that I am some type of self-publishing guru or award-winning consultant. No, I am simply someone who can direct you concerning where to start and what happens next.


As much as I would love to provide these services for free, I have bills to pay just like everyone else. However, I am not here to empty your pockets, therefore, my rates are feasible.

All services can be customized and available in packages. E-mail to inquire about more information and pricing. No job is too simple or too complex.

Consult with you soon!!

-Missy B. Salick 


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