KNOW HOW Project


The world of Foster Care can be very small– I am backing this wonderful project called “KNOW HOW”. This is a movie created, directed and acted by Foster Care youth in New York City. They tell the tale of their lives and experiences in and out of foster homes, aging out of “the system”, and future goals. I connected greatly with this project- because it is from their point of view, their stories.

“KNOW HOW” project emerged from The Possibility Project– where they empower teenagers to create a better world. Most of the foster care alums met there, and shared a passion for the movie industry- but more importantly a passion for their voices to be heard and to change the face of foster care for future generation.

So here is the deal- “KNOW HOW” project needs help! They need money to finish their movie. Check out their KickStarter page– even a dollar will help! If you can’t make a financial contribution- pass their message along. Change starts with you! Let’s make these kids dreams come true!!



– Missy


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